These engines won’t be turbocharged, they will be conventional petrol engines offering high compression ratios leading to increased performance and better fuel economy. That can be taken as a confident sign that exceptional products like the Series II Cruze are here to stay and new models like the Cruze Hatch are well on their way. As you would be aware from my previous posts, I owned a VTII Commodore for 8 years which ultimately ended up being “butchered” during a routine Holden dealer service. This is the best car I have driven in my life. Sure, you could argue they’re overpriced and offer less features than a Holden Cruze, but ultimately, that’s up to the buyer who’s purchasing criteria and driving expectations might very well be different to yours, but just as valid. Mitsubishi Outlander review: Driving performance has always been good.

Otherwise, why would Holden have spent so much time and money fine-tuning and tweaking the Australian-built Cruze? Was this review helpful? I have owned 2 previous Cruzes so understand the early model issues. It is such a disgrace that a 7 year old car is considered past it! Have removed oil cooler and had pressure tested result OK. Product recognition, brand loyalty and value for money. It is truly an underrated vehicle. As much as the Cruze is being lauded for its marketability and many pertinent improvements over the Korean built version, GoAuto for example comments that ” the 1.

As befits an srries local car Holden Cruze is powered by a variety of engines: Changes to later cars made it slightly better, but try for yourself.

Unique to the 1. Be interesting to see how well Opel do when they return to our shores next year.

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The perception in Europe is less clear with TopGear, AutoExpress and CarBuyer all holding the Mazda brand in high regard, but the European buying public are rather indifferent to all non-European offerings and not just Mazda.

Dragoljub Vukminic 21 Mar The only downside to the electric steering is hklden around centre, which can be a little frustrating at highway speeds. You tend to be rather selective in your use of evidence to support your praise of the Australian-built Cruze, Motormouth.

You can bring it forward with the same lever that hlden the console, but the angle of it means your elbow just pushes it back. JH my cruze has engine light on for at least three days. I’m glad Holden have studied the market carefully and the Cruze will put pressure on Mazda, Hyundai, Toyota etc.

Have removed oil cooler and had pressure tested result OK. But bringing up a 40 grand car in the context of one costing well under 30 is pointless. Regrettably, Holden were well below the industry average. They were so confident, but with the problems noted above, they became quite embarrassed.

For a supposedly small car, Holden Cruze is quite large and offers good leg and shoulder room for four adults. As much 2011 holden cruze jh series ii my12 sri-v review the Cruze is being lauded for its marketability and many pertinent improvements over the Korean built version, GoAuto for example comments that ” the 1.

2011 Holden Cruze Review (SRi-V 1.4T)

Our Holden Cruze has given us problem after problem since we bought it brand new. Mazda topped the survey, followed by Toyota, Honda and Subaru in that order. I have changed the auto trans fluid, flushed and bled the brakes, flushed the power steering fluid, flushed and renewed the radiator coolant and changed the sparks.

They have honestly burnt a once loyal customer. The Australian made Cruzes are actually fairly decent cars to drive around town, all the features that a car needs and nothing unnecessary. It still makes sense to have a full inspection by a professional, after making initial checks to the best of your ability.

Technology The Holden Cruze SRi-V scored consistently well across this category, but fell shy of top marks in every instance. JH I have a Holden Cruze after air conditioner on for 20min cuts out I have had it back to Holden many times they keep saying that it is working ok. The leather interior is nice, though I’m not always a fan of the stitching on the steering wheel, as it’s very rough on the underside. I wish Holden all the best with their Australian-built Cruzebut it’s important to acknowledge its strengths and weaknesses as well as those of the competition.

Write a review on ProductReview. To be honest I am not really upset that my engine getting damaged. But the styling of the SRi should be enough to get people to take it seriously, I would think. Our Holden Cruze has given us 2011 holden cruze jh series ii my12 sri-v review after problem since we bought it brand new.

Having the car just on one year, I have had minimal trouble. Z Series Engine Size: Would not buy 2011 holden cruze jh series ii my12 sri-v review ever again.

You’re certainly entitled to voice your opinion, but someone else might have found the opposite to be true. Did I say that “WRX’s are for people who don’t know any better”? All legal, the cruze rated at kg towin g and the van total.


Get the best deal! Handles superbly and the 1.

Write a review on ProductReview. As good as the Australian-built Cruze may prove to be, in a significant number seriees buyer’s minds, it’s not quite up there as yet with Japanese and European brands. Automatic transmissions should change gear promptly, and not hunt overmuch from gear to gear.

In fact, I was able to carry 2011 holden cruze jh series ii my12 sri-v review more speed through an apex than the Rexes could. Don’t forget, Holden offered sub-standard drivetrains for a very long time indeed.

Everything from build quality and fit and finish, through to the sound the doors make when closed instils confidence in the product. Great car to drive and easy for myself, an elderly lady to handle. Subaru Forester review Matt Campbell. This was my first car Rear three-quarter vision, though not as bad as some on test, is restricted by thick C-pillars and a sloping hatch.