No critic reviews yet She claimed she was not alone in death because “she” Shachath was with her. Lana mentions saving Johnny as a boy Nolan Gross from a bully in the s. She confronts him about what he wants, and he holds a gun to her head. Another honorable mention goes to the director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. Not everything about Asylum worked, but this final chapter made me glad I spent quality time with lunatics.

When you’re not distracted by mutants or horrifying humping, there was something at the centre of the program that appealed to viewers on an emotional level. More on this as we go. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While the alien-hybrid children aspect of this story was unnecessary, it was nice to see Jude interact with the little ones, especially since they calmed her at the end of her days…along with the help of the Woman in Black. View the discussion thread. It was wicked smart and unabashedly show-offy and I loved every crazy-angled, vertiginously shot, time toggling, stories-within-stories-within stories minute of it. The interview is held in her spacious New York City apartment where she lives with her new life-partner Marian Joan Severance , a famous opera singer who leaves for work. The film, showing her walking unchallenged through Briarcliff amidst the filthy and damaged patients finally put her on the map.

She asks him about “Betty Drake”, a patient whose record she found while filming in Briarcliff, shown to be released to his care.

She began by settling some old scores. If you can get past the roiling surface, I really believe that AHS, in its exploration of some deep American american horror story season 2 episode 13 spoilers, is one of most thoughtful shows on television, even if it sometimes gets lost in the murk.

When you’re not distracted by mutants or horrifying humping, there was something at the centre of the program that appealed to viewers on an emotional level. Another honorable mention goes to the director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. She was about to add one more medal to her chest — a Kennedy Center Honor — and this alterna-world Barbara Walters agreed to turn the tables on herself and give a TV interview to mark the occasion.

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Review Nick Harley Jan 24, American Horror Story season 2 finale review: Arthur Arden and Cardinal Timothy Howard — a pitiless skewering that drove the latter to slit his wrists. Even with all the time shifts and moving back and forth throughout character lives, it was easy to follow and place thanks in part to the great period outfits being rocked by Evan Peters. All the fun lunacy could have built into a chaotic crescendo, but instead, it simmered and cooled off before revealing that the whole thing was just a mirage to begin with.

This season felt more like American horror story season 2 episode 13 spoilers story rather than Jude’s, so ending on Jude seemed a little strange. Club stated, “These last two episodes haven’t so radically changed my opinion of American Horror Story as to blind me to its weird storytelling lurches and haphazard character development, but they have increased seasin belief in what this show is capable of.

They end up at the horro american horror story season 2 episode 13 spoilers Johnny waits inside. She plans on rescuing Sister Jude after learning she was still alive. We thought, ‘Let’s give Jude a happy ending.

Like a haunted house, the terrors of Briarcliff were contained mostly within its walls. They find her in a solitary cell, nearly feral, and Lana helps her up and shepherds her out of Briarcliff.

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Finale Recap: ‘Madness Ends’ With A Bang

Lana visits Kitbringing her camera crew with her. Prior to both of them leaving, Jude states, “If you look in the face of evil, evil’s going to look right back at you.

First, there was Briarcliff more on this in a minute. Neatly is the perfect word too. It turns out that goal was already accomplished by Kit. Follow Joey DeAngelis on Twitter: Lana is getting ready for a television interview about her career.

Thredson did not die in childbirth, but was given up for adoption. Nowhere is sotry better exemplified than by her final showdown with Johnny, the child who literally fed from her and grew up american horror story season 2 episode 13 spoilers be a constant reminder of the horrors of American horror story season 2 episode 13 spoilers.

Pages using infobox television episode with incorrectly formatted episode list. Or just a “thank you? Copping out and pulling a St. All of the scenes involving Jude this week were incredibly well done and given an impressive amount of artistry considering horfor show’s epispde TV status. I was very thrilled with how emotional it was. Lana is about to be interviewed by April prior to a Kennedy Center honor. We learn that Amerrican is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but disappears before his death and we see him abducted one last time by the aliens.

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Retrieved November 4, This page was last edited on 28 Mayat Lana momentarily stops the interview and asks for water, which is delivered by a member of the crew — Johnny. She admits that neither of his parents loved him, despite his assertion that Thredson did. Even the show’s missteps have been out of a desire to push limits, expand stories, pack more into a finite amount of network air time.

She flashes back intermittently to entering the asylum with a film crew through the tunnels. I can appreciate the lengths a show american horror story season 2 episode 13 spoilers American Horror Story has to go to try and rake some emotion other than disgusted, amused, astonished or frightened out of the viewer, but these little heartfelt goodbyes are not the type of goodbye I had planned to say to this season of AHS.

You never realize how much you’ll miss some of these characters until they’re gone, and this final chapter in Briarcliff’s story brings the whole thing to a bittersweet conclusion. American horror story season 2 episode 13 spoilers they’d never meet again, the nun attempted to leave an impression on the reporter. He amerixan wrestled with that decision, because one answer would mean lifelong incarceration in the asylum at the cost of staying true to himself, while the other would mean death because of a lie.

Once again, American Horror Story’s magical mystery gore has come to a heartwarming-in-a-psychotic-way end. American Horror Story season 2.

Season two was another great run of performances from Lange. TV by the Numbers. Flashing back to the season premiereshortly after Lana visited Spoiler, Sister Jude Jessica Lange cautions Lana about her desire to question a killer coming into the asylum.