By the time Batman comes out of the lake with the guard, the beast is gone. For a while, Romulus enjoyed his new strength and stamina but on a full moon night his body changed and he acquired a monstrous appearance. Part 2 May 04, Meanwhile, Batman realizes that his suit contained some hair and he wonders what would it mean if the man he fought wasn’t using a mask. Mad as a Hatter Oct 21, The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 9: Milo tells him that they must get rid of Batman, but Romulus just wants the antidote for his illness. Terror in the Sky Nov 24,

The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 2: Sign In Don’t have an account? Birds of a Feather Jan 18, See No Evil Sep 25, Romulus remembered how he was a renowned athlete that worked very hard to achieve physical perfection and how he first approached Milo looking for an artificial way to enhance his physical prowess. Gordon tells him that he would have Harvey Bullock look into it. Since then, Romulus had been working for Milo in order to get his antidote. Meanwhile, at the Sebast construction site, Achilles Milo awaits for something in a hut.

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After finding no trace of the Werewolf, Bullock remarks that at the next full moon they’ll know if he survived serie not. Mad as a Hatter Oct 21, Nothing to Fear Sep 07, See No Evil Sep 25, The Animated Series season 1. Previous Almost Got ‘Im. The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 1: The Underdwellers Sep 10, V Seriew 11, Batman manages to free himself from the handcuffs and the werewolf attacks him.

The werewolf attacks Milo and as a result the antidote is lost. His Silicon Soul Sep 14, The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 7: Shared 0 Facebook Twitter.

Batman analyzes evidence The tue day at the gym, Romulus tells his assistant that he would make a donation to Batman if he claimed it personally. Part 1 Nov 13, Romulus drank the serum without listening Milo’s warnings.

He went looking for Milo’s help but the scientist told him that the process was reversible only if the transformation was complete. The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 5: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy Nov 03, Bruce, who is also at the gym, hears the conversation.

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Batman and the werewolf continue their fight in the construction and a few moments later, Bullock arrives at the scene with more officers. Part 1 Sep 30, Bullock prevents his men from firing batmman weapons.

Romulus wants the antidote, but Milo reminds that all his pain and misery was his own fault. Part 2 Nov seeason, The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 9: Mudslide Feb 08, Next Terror In The Sky. The Mechanic Feb 23, Heart of Ice Sep 21, Later that night in the BatcaveBatman analyzes the hair batman the animated series season 1 episode 36 his suit zeason watches some documentaries while Alfred repairs the Batmobile.

He realizes that it is a trap but it is already too late when he reaches for his gas mask and he faints before being able to put it on.

Batman fights the Werewolf again Moments later, as the day turns into night, Romulus is desperate for the antidote but Milo refuses to give it away.

Behind the scheme is twisted chemist Professor Milo. A couple walking nearby the construction site witness the fight going serifs and decide to call the police.

Batman realizes that the man he saved that night works at the zoo and makes the connection between the two cases. That way, Romulus agreed to drink the serum that would transform him into a complete werewolf. Then, the werewolf turns his attention towards Batman, who is just recovering.