Retrieved May 16, Retrieved February 5, Retrieved April 30, Danny initially suspects Kate after seeing her talking to Elwood and learns that she once worked for IAB. Meanwhile, Erin questions Mayor Poole on the witness stand regarding an embezzling case involving his campaign consultant. Danny and Jackie are initially assigned the case of a bride who is murdered in a drive-by gang shooting on her wedding day, but Danny gets pulled off to protect the unpopular leader of a foreign nation who is in town for an operation and believed to be an assassination target. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Archived from the original on November 1, When a rape victim that Erin is preparing for trial appears in some of the photos, Erin confronts the photographer. Retrieved April 10, To this he replied ‘no,’ but after walking away scratches his head, revealing that he did lie to Erin. Retrieved November 9, Renzulli are part of a group that Frank has organized to track down a former NYPD police officer who killed a Miami cop and wounded another, after discovering that the recently dismissed man is directing his deadly anger toward all other NYPD police officers. What Would You Do?

However, Levi is fatally stabbed shortly afterwards. Nathan strongly feels his daughter’s boyfriend Richard Roark, blue bloods season 3 episode 7 guest star very rich and powerful man, should be the prime suspect. Retrieved November 13, Danny and Kate investigate the murder of a college student dealing with drugs on the grounds of a campus, which forces them to work with aggressive narcotics detective Eddie Stone Dash Mihok. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on November 1, Archived from the original on October 24, Henry asks Danny to solve the case and fellow Hasidic Detective Wolf Landsman Luke Kirby assists Danny on the case since the people epixode allow outsiders blue bloods season 3 episode 7 guest star the community.

Detective Kate Lansing is assigned to help on the case and she recognizes the skeleton costume as the garb of Baron Samedi, a Haitian spirit of death.

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The cross bears the inscription of a priest’s name, leading them to believe Lazard was targeting this man instead of the victim who was dressed as a priest. The two instances become linked as Jamie learns the rats were deliberately released by the cab victim, who confesses to have made a deal with Franza. Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan. Danny and Jackie believe a vigilante is on the loose when two separate shooting victims are both revealed to be members of a four-man stxr who gang-raped a young woman but were released due to inconclusive evidence.

Erin and Nicky take Jack and Sean out for trick-or-treating. Swint condemns New York Blue bloods season 3 episode 7 guest star diverse citizens stsr assumes Frank would be supportive because he is white.

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Danny then visits Joe’s grave and says, “Thanks, kiddo. Danny notices the man appeared to have shot himself with his right hand, despite it blooxs a recorded fact that he was left-handed. Interspersed within the initial investigation, Danny visits Sean blue bloods season 3 episode 7 guest star the hospital and prays to his deceased brother Joe to intervene and help Sean recover.

Episodr and Maria investigate the strange case of a man found outside a hotel covered in blood, which turns out to be the blood from his blu girlfriend. Frank is told to turn her over to the State Department and stay out of it. With the suspect’s photo taken from video surveillance, they visit the Haitian temple and speak to a priestess who identifies the culprit as a young man named Toussaint Lazard.

Meanwhile, Nicky faces suspension from school when she is found to be organizing blue bloods season 3 episode 7 guest star protest against random locker searches, and Erin intervenes. Elsewhere, Frank confronts Henry about his driving skills and tries to convince his father to hand over his keys, and they turn against each other.

Danny feels responsible, as he told the woman and her sister almost 13 years earlier, after their parents were killed, that he would protect them.

Retrieved October 30, Meanwhile, Santana Kamar de los Reyesleader of the Los Lordes gang that terrorizes The Bitter End, declares war on the department, later killing Vinny in an ambush attack. At the end, Dana comes over to meet Jamie. The work visa allows her to remain in the United States. Tony Terraciano as Jack Reagan. The timing couldn’t be worse for Danny, as it happens while he is in the midst of investigating blue bloods season 3 episode 7 guest star sniper Paul Anthony Stewart who is shooting motorists that drive gas guzzlers.

Danny and Jackie investigate an assault call in which a woman named Angela Lili Mirojnick changes her story after they arrive, stating she fell down the stairs.

This page was blue bloods season 3 episode 7 guest star edited on 1 Julyat Henry secretly asks Erin’s ex-husband Jack Peter Hermann to represent Danny in his internal affairs jam. Gormley deduce that father and son are about to leave town by bus. Garrett infers to Kate that “one of stra own” is setting up Danny. When Poole takes the mike and tries to pacify the crowd, he is shot and critically wounded by Hector, a mentally ill resident of the projects.

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Custom states the role should fall to elder son Jacob Stephen Kunken. Retrieved October 15, Danny is then exonerated from all of the charges.

Rather than work around her limited schedule, CBS chose to replace her character this season. Meanwhile, Henry reveals to Frank that he had a brother who had died of leukemia after only 18 months. Career criminal Benjamin Walker Michael Madsen with a grudge against Danny is released from prison, kidnaps Jackie, and ultimately puts Danny in danger.

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The Mayor continuously avoids being questioned on the stand, alerting Erin to the fact that he may not wish to lie under oath. Jennifer Esposito as Jackie Curatola. List of Blue Bloods episodes. Audience Score Percentage of users who rate a movie or TV show positively. Final ‘Cotton Bowl’ Numbers”.

Danny reminds the owner of the Reagans’ connection to the bakery, and the order gets placed. Will Estes as Jamie Reagan.