Get with it or get lost! She was mad disrespectful to Mona on an international stage. And Kirk was using her as a sex slave that made her feel guilty everytime she said no. Do she really think that after her nasty behavior on this show, that she is going to go far in life? But this is the woman that thinks she is an international Supastaw. Logan Rod Jas and the other one should have been there. She even said it herself when he called her a prostitute. Mona ass be doing the most.

What Tommie had on was sickening! Yes they could be sisters! Cause she said scamming like it is a true profession. Things become heated between the two and Jessica Dime gets aggressive in her tone, threatening to assault Treasure out of anger for her scandalous actions. I think it was bs. Little Puerto Rican David Ruffin complex!

In the midst of Melissa and Mimi’s exchange, Ariane enters the fray and directs shady anc toward Melissa, who also shares her disdain for her former associate. Wtf Rasheeda ,Kirk played you and you sitting there matching!! Did he take the test? I get what Funky dineva says about Joseline biting the hand that feeds you. This is the most she said all season!! And you know why???? I guess both of them are actresses.

Mimi looks good for her age but might be time to give up the slutty prom dresses. Why are they all concerned with this test? She just did a live video dissing K. Go on there snap.

They bounced from topic to topic so much that nothing got resolved, in fact the only things that did get resolution were the storylines we completely forgot about; leaving the bigger stories — regarding the paternity test — wide dafuk anx. Oh, and there was fun, too. Cause it was too hard to really be mature and just do the reunion and not fight. Shit after her rude behavior towards production or whoever they deserve to hold her money from her. Love and hip hop season 6 reunion part 2 totally get it!

Is it me or is this video loading very slow? I thought they were not invited by request from Kirk and Rasheeda? And hoop when the cameras came around, her mom was told to give a dramatic scene so Tommie was confused on why her mom flipped on her like that. Llve like a pimp lol. Did your mother put you up to love and hip hop season 6 reunion part 2 Melissa got that hot comb press and curl by my granny!!

How can you say what God had planned for her? She is obsessed, oh Molly the maid. I lovve my connection was fucked up! I think it was bs. What Tommie had on was sickening! Fighting and hate is the majority.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 18 – The Reunion Part 2

Mona should have known fame feeds the beast! The Past is the past!

I mean the intro. Her comebacks made this soooo hard to watch. Mona ass be doing the most. Tommie eventually decides to come back and face the music. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. But u in the comment section lol. Here are the following characters that should not come back: Other than that, there were the usual moments with people bickering.

Soo is Kirk officially the father of jasmine love and hip hop season 6 reunion part 2 Yass honey that bootie was poppin in those cute, bedazzled cut-offs. I just wanna know if Kirk is the daddy. Notice Mimi ex Chris from last season and now Melissa wear these tight man pants with no socks and man shoes…. Sleeping with Married men hoes: But, she needs to learn how to speak to people. Rite lol what happened 2 Nene sold out comedy tour???

But that low-cut green top was poppin. Cause she said scamming like jip is a true profession. I am so over these characters they need to have some new fresh, hungry ppl over in ATL!!!

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 6 Reunion Part 2 | Magic

They need to let it go or just clean house. If I was her friend I would get her laid by a fine black man with a big dick… Have her looking like Kirk who?? It is the nature of the beast for them hop put people together they know have beef to see them explode. Girl bye, with your unoriginal, copycat stunts.