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MFJ Instruction Manual. HF/VHF SWR Analyzer. 1. MFJ HF/VHF SWR ANALYZER. INTRODUCTION. The MFJ SWR Analyzer is an easy to operate . Downloaded by. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page MFJ Instruction Manual. HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzer. MFJ SWR HF/ VHF ANALYZER. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Warning: READ SECTION BEFORE.

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MFJ-259B HF/VHF SWR Analyzer Instruction Manual

You may also like. This type of analyzer contains an RF oscillator, a very linear amplifier mfj 259b manual increase power, and an internal resistor bridge in a modified Whetstone bridge configuration.

Observe the analyzer frequency reading. Also these units do not display a graph or allow you to download data to a computer.

Silicon diodes will normally drop about 0. Never apply external voltages greater than 3 volts to the antenna port! You must remove the switch indexing tab retainer nut and the metal switch retainer stop under the nut. To reduce display impedance jumping, SWR is weighed into the calculation of reactance and resistance at low SWR values.

This calibration procedure is the correct procedure for later MFJB’s. I think this occurred sometime aroundbut was later corrected. For a short period of time, with the best of intentions, someone rewrote various manuals. For example the not b or c does not display X reactancefor setting the length of a wire or element for best SWR it doesn’t matter. Bias is mfj 259b manual for minimum harmonic content, consistent with second harmonic being at mfj 259b manual 25 to 30 dB below fundamental. Connect the analyzer exactly as shown below.

Mfj 259b manual adjustment directly affects output signal harmonic content.

Three or four series diodes will reduce voltage below 12 volts. Watch for any display or meter dropout. The LCD Display will indicate Even then, there can 25b9 some errors from connector and trace lengths inside the mfj 259b manual.

Be sure the stop goes back exactly as removed. If you use a receiver for adjustment, be sure the receiver is tuned to the second harmonic of the MFJB, and that the receiver is not mfj 259b manual overloaded by the Manuql fundamental signal. Never calibrate around a sudden “problem” that appears. Entering the test mode is described in Detector Calibration Step 6.

MFJ Antenna Analyzer Operation Guides

If you must clean and lubricate the switch, be aware it is a difficult task. Without changing the analyzer test frequency setting, observe mfj 259b manual second harmonic level. You can reduce voltage from a conventional The entire board needs to be lifted from the case front. These steps will involve parameters that do not appear on the display.

This method can be unreliable, and can cause stub and DTF distance to fault errors. This reading should be compromised with the I developed the distance to fault and stub mfj 259b manual functions. The same characteristics that make them accurate and linear also cause the diodes to be especially sensitive mfj 259b manual damage from small voltage spikes.

MFJ-259B Analyzer Mini-Manual

Since it is designed to be inexpensive mfj 259b manual simple, and since the design is aging now, there are a few pitfalls with this mfj 259b manual. This particular adjustment should be made at the lowest expected operating voltage. Otherwise, skip down to the next break. Quiescent current bias in the Manuwl amplifier section is adjustable.

Dirty band-switch contacts may be restored with spray tuner-cleaners, or WD