Boomer hesitates, but then tosses Mason across the plaza onto the Leader. But when the kings offend the Squonks, the island is quickly overrun with Mukarats. So, it is up to Mikayla to save all of the guys before the kings become too old to live, and before Mason is taken by the old hags. After learning their father was the best warrior in island history, Boomer and Brady enroll in Kinkow Fight School. After they are bullied by the toughest guys in their high school, Mason Geno Segers and a group of warriors from Kinkow come to bring them home. To help out his quest to finally date Mikayla, Brady makes Boomer impersonate Lucas and pretend to go through the official ceremony, but the plan backfires when the real Lucas arrives and captures Mikayla.

Retrieved October 4, During the night while Boomer is getting hunted, Brady tells Mason that he is the one who wants to date Mikayla. However, the Kings soon realize that Queen Hesta, Queen Desta and their kingdom are victims of a dumb-curse. Doug Tait as Mr. Games Movies TV Wikis. Mikayla comes down with a fever and starts to turn into a Waka Waka Bug. Brady, Mikayla, and Mason chase after Boomer, while Lanny follows them, trying to kill the kings.

Outraged, the kings insist on making all future decisions, including taking the lead on an important epksode meeting with the Squonks, a breed of troll people who keep the island’s Mukarat population under control. When Mason arrives, he and King Brady are captured by tarantula people. So, Boomer and Brady go to the waka hive a try to get the rare medicine to cure her.

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The two kings find five beautiful mermaids on the kinys and bring them to the castle to pair of kings episode do over part 1 them into human princesses of the castle. This episode aired in Canada on January 29, During the night pair of kings episode do over part 1 Boomer is getting hunted, Brady tells Mason that he is the one who wants to date Mikayla. When the ogre wakes up and demands food, the kings have to make a dish for him to save the island from his wraith. But things get worse when Mason tries to save them, but ends up harming himself as well by turning into an infant.

With a chance to become ovsr pro thumb warrior, Boomer wagers the castle and loses only to find he has been conned by a Dark Side crook. However at the end, Rebecca was shown to have found the Bat Medallion in the pillow where Boz had hid it and she was seen to have been possess by the Bat Medallion.

The prophecy comes true when the Evil King is revealed, putting Brady under a spell and morphing him into Evil Brady. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Mikayla ends her friendship with Brady after his flirting becomes too much to bear. Back at the beach, Boomer tries to toss the watch into the ocean, but Brady tackles him. Brady devises a plan and attempts to infiltrate the tribe’s village, while Mason also starts to believe the cannibal theory.

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Brady, Boomer, and Mason follow Mikayla back to the castle where Brady claims that “she so loves me. During a heat wave, Brady and Pair of kings episode do over part 1 discover an ice cave in the jungle upon being given directions to it by Lanny.

When two moons appear, the kings meet the ghost of Malakai, the first king of Kinkowwho explains that an evil twin will destroy the island. Ron Fassler as Dale Davis Guest stars: Zadoc ‘s minions capture Lanny and try to squish him with a huge rock.

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Brady leaves the island to go back to Chicago and vows to not come back until he can prove himself to be worthy of Mikayla. Following Lanny ‘s advice, the kings journey to the Dark Side to Evil King’s Castle to sit on the evil throne and learn the truth. In the king’s room, everyone climbs in through the balcony and Boomer sees a pile of pants. After all that Boomer has taught Boz about living in the civilized world, Boz decides to address Boomer’s lack of survival skills and forces him to go camping.

When Rebecca unexpectedly arrives in Kinkow for the luau, Boomer decides to go with her, while Brady unsuccessfully attempts to keep Uhngela contained, as she pair of kings episode do over part 1 become violently jealous of Rebecca.

Hibachi then runs away. Kasey Wilson as Pitricia. However, when Brady and Boomer overhear the clones’ ultimate plan to take over, the kings must figure out how to get rid of their doubles and take back their kingdom. Sign In Don’t have an account? Hibachi states that if he wins, then no one will be ovr to surf on the island ever again except him and his friends.

Boomer gets mad and then throws out the watch. Boogey when a pair of Paur favorite Air Drogens sneakers is stolen. Everyone on Kinkow including Brady thinks Boomer is lying, except for Mason who has been harboring a big secret.

Doug Brochu as Oogie Absent: Boomer and Brady find an ancient pocket watch that grants them the ability to restart the day as many times as they want without anyone else remembering. This episode aired in the UK on July 5, But he takes honesty too far, and insults Mikayla, who gets mad and leaves. The girls then trick the kings kinge activating the Fountain of Youth and turn old.

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Meanwhile, Mason hopes for the treaty to succeed so he can receive pair of kings episode do over part 1 bottle of special sauce from Cornea. Archived from the original on January 22, Mitchel Musso as King Brady. Geno Segers as Mason Makoola. When Brady gets the riddle wrong so the girls could still admire him and Boomerthe Statue puts the dumb-curse on King Bradyforcing Boomer to get help from MasonMikaylaand Lanny to solve the riddle by sunset or else they will be dumb-cursed.

Having heard all about Boomer’s legendary achievements on Kinkow, Boz feels the pressure to be an equally great leader.