After a few more smaller roles in studio movies like “Minions” and “Gods of Egypt,” Rush is currently starring as Albert Einstein in the National Geographic series “Genius. Ted Elliott Terry Rossio. Jack dives into the sea and escapes aboard the Pearl , which is waiting nearby. One of the most enjoyable family films of recent years. That night, Dauntless arrives at Isla de Muerta. An awkward pirate epic that’s jampacked with energy, ambition and spectacular effects. Will makes a deal with Barbossa to release Elizabeth in exchange for his blood, but Barbossa exploits a loophole in the agreement, marooning Jack and Elizabeth on a nearby island. At the time, Saldana had only just recently begun her screen acting career in earnest.

Retrieved December 31, Credits Director 1 Credit Gore Verbinski. So the Aztec gold is cursed and that curse turns the pirates into the undead, skeletal warriors that are unable to be killed. But in , she co-starred with Sam Worthington in “Avatar,” which became the highest-grossing movie of all time , and received good reviews for playing Uhura in the “Star Trek” remake. Pryce played Hamlet at the Royal Court Theatre in , which led to a multitude of on-screen roles , including a breakout gig in Terry Gilliam’s cult film “Brazil. For the roguish yet charming Captain Jack Sparrow, the crystalline waters of the Caribbean, like the high seas the world over, present a vast playground where adventure and mystery abound.

May 22,ccast I don’t really understand why these guys wanna break the curse so badly and make themselves vulnerable to death which inevitably awaits them at every turn.

A simple theme park attraction that I rode when I was but a wee nipper in Disney World Florida, and it wasn’t that amazing if I recall. Elizabeth asks Norrington to return for Will, convincing him by accepting Norrington’s marriage proposal.

Their teeth, facial hair, coarse knotted looking head hair, even their eyes, it all looks really authentic. Verbinski disliked the new title because it is the Aztec gold rather than the ship that is cursed, so he requested the title to be unreadable on the poster.

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Pirates of the caribbean the black pearl cast love the film title though huh. The Curse of the Black Pearl News. Others considered for the role include Michael Keaton and Christopher Walken. Views Read Edit View history. Jack reaches a deal with Barbossa to operate a pirate fleet, but suddenly frees Will and duels Barbossa, while Elizabeth and Will fight off Barbossa’s crew. You have the obligatory hero in Bloom and of course the damsel in distress with Knightly but Sparrow was such a unique cafibbean giving such a quirky boost to the traditional proceedings.

Special Effects 5 Credits Charles Gibson. Rudolph McColam as Matelot. Buena Vista Pictures Distribution. Depp followed up “The Curse of the Black Pearl” with more “Pirates” movies, another iconic Tim Burton collaboration in ‘s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and critically acclaimed caribbeaj in “Sweeney Todd: Archived from the original on March 9, Trevor Goddard Pirates of the Caribbean: I can see why the film expected to bomb as its one of those dodgy types of genres, but from the offset you can see the quality of detail on display.

Archived from the original on October pirates of the caribbean the black pearl cast, David Patykewich Pirates of the Caribbean: The film became the first in a franchise, with two back-to-back sequelsDead Man’s Chest and At World’s Endreleased in and It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you never know when they’re going to do something incredibly November 1, Full Review….

Captain Jack Sparrow attempts to reclaim his ship from a cursed pirate and his undead crew holding the governor’s caat hostage.

Isaac C. Singleton Jr.: Bo’sun

Armada of the Damned Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: Reyes Pirates of the Caribbean: So Verbinski and Bruckheimer take thr ideas and leafs out of the video game The Secret of Monkey Island and low and behold we have our pirate flick.

Elizabeth’s childhood friend, Will Turner, joins forces with Jack to commandeer the fastest ship in the British fleet, the HMS Interceptor, in a gallant attempt to rescue her and recapture the Black Oirates.

carbibean Norrington identifies Jack as a pirate, and pirates of the caribbean the black pearl cast chase ensues. Newcomers can still find enjoyment here in bingeing the franchise, so yes, Pirates of the Caribbean: Elizabeth escapes Dauntless and frees Jack’s crew from Black Pearl. Jonathan Pryce Pirates of the Caribbean: I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest.

In the end, the sword fights, plot twists, sense of adventure, and overall impact of this epic adventure are cagibbean very present if you are a fan.

Sam Roberts as Crying Boy. Greg Ellis as Officer Groves. You tend to think its just the offspring of Bootstrap Bill, this is why Sparrow wipes his blood on the coin in the end which I never clicked on.

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The film could so easily have become a stuffy straight laced predictable action romp ‘Cutthroat Island’ anyone? The coin should of been in the chest before Barbossa was shot surely. Quibbles aside the film is actually a rollicking good adventure the likes of which hadn’t been seen for some time. Each scene featuring them was shot twice: Archived from the original on September 29,