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Nancy Garden author of Annie on My Mind and Good Moon Rising There are still woefully few books for young adults that explore in depth the coming-out. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Sanchez’s debut novel chronicles the senior year : Rainbow Boys eBook: Alex Sanchez: Kindle Store. Sanchez’s debut novel chronicles the senior year of three gay teens struggling with issues ranging from coming out to first love to an HIV scare. The story lines.

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Dec 13, Overall, a good book with good messages despite its rather rainbow boys by alex sanchez depiction of gay sex. Alex Sanchez did an absolutely great job on this novel and he automatically becomes one of my favorite authors of all time. Get your free lesson today! At the beginning, he insists to himself that he is in love with his girlfriend, Debra, but later begins to question this and his overall sexuality.

During qlex time, Alex began to shape a novel about gay teens and their families.

Rainbow Boys (Rainbow Trilogy, #1) by Alex Sanchez

I remembered the awkwardness and embarrassment and hugeness of first love. This read like an exceedingly bland public service announcement. Dec 03, A lot or a little? This rainbow boys by alex sanchez one of those books that was on my to-read list years and years ago when I first discovered YA queer lit, but I never actually read it until I had to take a class on it.

Looking forward to the next two in the series What made me relate to him more was the concept that Kyle could not reciprocate his feelings for Nelson and he got extremely mad and I felt those same emotions in the past. More By and About Rainbow boys by alex sanchez Author. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Thank you for your support.


And sometimes in this rainboq, where I can talk about sahchez queer, wishing I had a girlfriend, and happily post fanart and posts about queer ships on an Instagram account with followers and get no homophobic comments; where so many churches in my city hang up akex flags at its doors and not only tolerate but welcome members of the LGBTQ community; where the Queer Centre rainbow boys by alex sanchez my university inhabits a space covered with rainbow flags on the outside – I forget about how hard it used to be for kids and teens.

I wasn’t too taken with this story for the first third, but after that, the different POVs and the growth shown by each of the young men rainbow boys by alex sanchez drew me in.

I do think that Sanchez’s writing style is a bit too telling, not showing, which made it kind of hard to read sometimes because telling doesn’t immerse you as much, but it was pretty good altogether. The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. Alex’s dream to write began in college with an unpublished children’s picture book, but then he went on to work for ten years as a counselor of youth and families both in the United States and overseas.

Told in turn by the perspective of each boy properly highlighted at the start rainbow boys by alex sanchez each chapter and throughout at the bottom of each page I first heard about Rainbow Boys ages ago. I also felt like I always knew where rainbow boys by alex sanchez story was going even before it happened.

Rainbow Boys doesn’t stand out when compared to the rest of the pack. Kyle and Nelson have to deal with violence from a couple of other boys at school. I also found it annoying that Sanchez portrayed every character in the story as being convinced that one unsafe encounter would necessarily lead to becoming HIV positive. Kyle is a swimmer. I picked it up anyway, because it was one of the few queer lit books at my local l I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this novel. Kyle Meeks doesn’t look gay, rainbow boys by alex sanchez he is.

Nelson is the most “flamboyant” or extremely gay of the three main characters, referring to himself as a “queen” and rainbow boys by alex sanchez his hair bright colors. There’s graphic language — including anti-gay hate words — as well as fairly descriptive sex scenes. I don’t know what’s going on in the gay rzinbow I really do love Alex Sanchez though and I think he’s one of the best YA GLBT writers out there; his book Baitpublished inshows that his writing has grown in depth and precision over the years.

Raonbow hangs out with Nelson a gay boy who’s obviously gay.

Jason Carrillo is a jock with a steady girlfriend, but he can’t stop dreaming about sex Sanchez presents three different boys, but all of them are unique, but rainbow boys by alex sanchez stereotypical. Keep writing your wonderful!!! L’ho letto in italiano volte, lo conosco a memoria. Jul 30, Lauren Stoolfire rated sancheez it was amazing Shelves: Jasonthe first character introduced in the novel, is a jock struggling to accept his suspected bisexuality.