Jen loses concentration during an important meeting after wearing a “bad bra” to work, but when Moss invents a bra that doesn’t lose its comfort or form, Jen is able to have an effective meeting. Moss helps Jen with a phone conference by installing voice-translation software on her laptop, but when the Italian businessman comes for a face-to-face visit, Jen is denied use of the laptop. Retrieved from ” https: At the reunion, Moss brags about Jen, but Roy and the girl crash the party where Roy and Moss then argue over who really loves Jen. Jen impresses a company security guard by correctly guessing obscure facts; she is later selected as his “phone a friend” on the quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Denholm, who receives a visit from police who want to investigate “financial irregularities” in the business accounts, casually opens a window and jumps out of it to his death.

Jen, who has fallen in love with the band’s geeky-looking keyboard player who has a fixed stare , becomes a groupie and tries her luck as the band’s singer. Douglas travels far and wide in his quest to bed Jen and is given rohypnol by a mysterious, blind sorcerer. Roy sits with a model who was involved in a car accident and had to undergo surgery on her face; Moss pairs up with a woman who acts promiscuously when drunk; and Richmond unexpectedly hits it off with the last of the women. As Roy calls Moss away for help to escape, Jen investigates what’s behind a strange red door in the department that Roy and Moss have forbidden her to open. Following lunch at the park, Roy and Moss find their path back is blocked by a bomb threat , they decide to ” bunk off “. Roy’s date with a woman goes horribly wrong after she mistakes some chocolate on his head for faeces.

However, Denholm’s adversity to non-teamwork forces the trio to get along. Jen eventually confronts Phillip about his sexuality, who reveals that he is, indeed, gay. Roy discovers that his latest girlfriend has a traumatic past, but is befuddled when he learns the details: Things go sour when the bra has overheating issues, ruining another meeting for Jen, and when Moss cannot remember his pseudonym the it crowd series 2 episode 2 full ends up on the wrong interview segment.

Following a scene in which a restaurant entertainer is assaulted by Jen’s date after mocking the it crowd series 2 episode 2 full for failing on MillionaireRoy and Jen’s dates leave together. Moss is recognized by a shopkeeper from the mall and is arrested. They are invited to an actual game, and Roy is invited to a poker night, but when Roy finds himself in debt to one of his new acquaintances, he episore to do them a favour by driving them to their event.

When the boyfriend suddenly announces that the men are unable to attend, Jen reluctantly invites Roy, Moss and Richmond to take their places. The IT Crowd version 1.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: When she starts reappearing in the office, Bill thinks she is haunting him, which is croed worse when she later calls him and shows up at his house to take back the rumour.

Retrieved 20 October Douglas offers Jen a position as his serifs assistant. At the reunion, Moss brags about Jen, but Roy and the girl crash the party where Roy and Moss then argue over who really loves Jen. Jen is asked on a date by co-worker Phillip to watch a play.

However, they are raided by the police who are concerned e;isode the video was pirated. After learning the truth about April, Douglas breaks up with April but their ensuing fist fight disrupts the shareholder meeting, crushing the Internet, and causing the it crowd series 2 episode 2 full.

Moss tries to make his own version, but when he leaves a soldering iron switched on, he starts a fire in the office. Meanwhile, Moss has been regularly harassed by a group of teenagers on the way to work, prompting Roy to teach him by role-play how to stand up rull them.

Denholm’s successor dislikes the IT department and plans to fire them.

The IT Crowd

Douglas becomes interested in “Spaceology” — a New Age-styled religion that employs cosmic ordering eppisode and tries to persuade his employees to follow in his footsteps. Douglas, who was forced epidode the settlement to wear “electric sex pants” — underpants that shock him whenever he becomes aroused — cannot even do simple functions without getting zapped so he gets Moss to disarm it. Jen and Roy turn to Moss, who makes his pepper spray into a useful product, but it backfires in a demo. Jen spends a day dull home to observe Gary, causing the the it crowd series 2 episode 2 full to think she must be flirting with him, and prompting Jen and Roy to install closed-circuit cameras.

Roy suspects Jen’s handyman Gary is a ” builder from hell ” who has a reputation of urinating in people’s sinks. At a Scared Straight! Jen is obsessed with buying and wearing a pair of red high heels that are several sizes too small; she inadvertently tells off a visiting executive who was planning on doing business with Denholm. the it crowd series 2 episode 2 full

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Moss gets an opportunity to pitch it to Dragons’ Den. Roy and Moss rescue Jen, but when Jen realises she was replaced by an answering machine, she leaves Roy and Moss trapped in the room with Douglas, who has drunk the rohypnol and has become inexplicably aroused. Retrieved 14 The it crowd series 2 episode 2 full Moss suffers a concussion from running into a door, and forgets everything he knows about computers. Jen falls for a flirtatious coffee barista and recommends her colleagues to try the place, but when Roy goes, he gets a bad cup of coffee from a “small man” barista.

Retrieved 9 January ghe Retrieved from ” https: After getting negative feedback from Jen concerning his Web show on board games crowe, Moss the it crowd series 2 episode 2 full encouraged by Douglas to wear women’s seies to boost his confidence.

Retrieved 14 December Douglas finds the love of his life in a journalist named April, but mishears that she used to be a man, thinking she was from Iran.

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Series 4 was recorded at Pinewood Studios in the spring of Crowx heading upstairs to resolve an IT problem, Roy finds himself the it crowd series 2 episode 2 full underneath the desks of two female employees like a “desk rabbit”. The hhe of Jen and Roy’s abusing soon goes viral and reveals their identity. However, he is shocked to discover that the event is a bank robbery. Roy is depressed over his recent breakup with his girlfriend. At a Sweet Billy Pilgrim concert event, Roy injures his back while fulbut when he gets treatment, he is so shocked when the masseur kisses him on the backside, that he takes him to court for sexual harassment.

Despite Roy’s insistence that “it’s not shit”, the it crowd series 2 episode 2 full declares that the woman didn’t like him because women only like “bad boys” and devises a plan to prove his theory by posting a despicable singles ad.

Season 2, Episode 2

Jen pursues a new job, but finds herself tongue-tied when asked what IT stands for. Following a meeting in which Denholm thanks everyone involved in a successful project except for the The it crowd series 2 episode 2 full department, Jen becomes exceptionally moody and irritable. The credits show how Reynholm Industries is revolutionized with the former IT trio in charge. Jen has finally found love with her new boyfriend, and to celebrate their happiness they host a dinner party for six of their single friends: Jen and Roy visit the coffee shop, but Roy’s presence disrupts Jen’s barista and she is served bad coffee.

Meanwhile Jen struggles with episoed company’s increasingly harsh treatment of smokers, presented humorously as Soviet-style authoritarianism.

Meanwhile, Roy places a complaint on a post-it note at the counter the small barista is working and leaves with Jen. During the funeral, Roy notices his death time is coming and reacts violently when his pimped-up phone goes off at 3pm. The Internet Is Coming”.

When they realize they have been spending a lot of episodf together like an old married couple, Jen suggests they try new activities to make new friends.