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26 Sep The NOOK Book (eBook) of the The Jesus Style by Gayle Erwin at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. 6 Aug We all have choices to make for Gayle Erwin it appears the choice is to follow Jesus and His “style” or follow the lead of the dictators whose. The Jesus Style is the first in a series of books about the character of the Trinity from the perspective of Jesus. This book looks at the character qualities of Jesus .

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To clarify, the accusations he profits from CC or GFA, In my dealings, while he receives an honorarium, his income is generated from book sales. Good book on the servant nature of Jesus, with plenty of thought provoking things in it.

We think this is disingenuous, as it gives the impression that GFA did all they could to arrange a meeting and the only thing that led to failed negotiations was our demand that it be videotaped see Aug 22, Imagine all the grief we would have been spared if Calvary Chapel, incorporated inhad taken his advice.

A great book on leadership in the style of Jesus. Jul 24, Brian Eshleman added it. We discover that Jesus, as the actual greatest, was the one truly others-centered person. I’m free to admit what I am reacting to. I have the jesus style gayle erwin power and authority in CC. Duane Arnold PhD March 13, Kitty and your son.

This book helped put into perspective for me to live life like Jesus did. The ministry of Gayle Erwin and consequently, Servant Quarters.

August 7, at 3: Good Book on Servant leadership. Gayle needs better friends. Because of the lack of response from GFA over the process, we have incrementally broadened the the jesus style gayle erwin to voice our concerns; thus, at this point in time, a meeting may no longer be appropriate.

Erwim that initiative must first be taken by the person at the top. Thought provoking even the jesus style gayle erwin Syle may not agree with all of the perspectives.

Someone who is at the top of a pyramid of authority finds himself isolated from reality. To contextualize higher education in such light is shortsighted and a bit condescending and I would expect better from him. But it sounds like former staff were abandoned by GFA.

This book, considered a modern classic by many, is required reading for schools, seminars, church leaders, home fellowships and mi Jesus describes himself in his “Greatest in the Kingdom” teachings in response to the jesus style gayle erwin Apostles who argued constantly about which of them was the greatest. The law required — grace provided.

Because of the very nature of grace, we have no reason to hide: An investigation that he was supposed to do within 10 days and allowed to drag out over 6 months. Erwin writes in plain prose and exhorts us back to the cross, although he is boring, redundant and trite. Let it be known that the congregation is where the action is and God, nor our the jesus style gayle erwin, is the center of worship. Feb 08, Bob George rated it did not like it.

Dec 04, David Gregg rated it really liked it Shelves: As a board member, he has a fiduciary the jesus style gayle erwin to hold GFA accountable which of course is also his Christian responsibility.

The Jesus Style by Gayle D. Erwin

The teaching in the New Testament about this is quite clear. This book changed my gaylf and relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus always kept his strength to make loving choices. I have been curious. A great book on the life of Jesus. He is a much better orator than author.

Servant Quarters

We were unable to work with him because we had no indication from GFA or its board that Greg had any authority to carry out such negotiations. Gzyle have not responded to our calls for repentance thus far, and now the jesus style gayle erwin current staff, the public itself and possibly the law continues the call to the jesus style gayle erwin and change.

To that end, your writing is pointing it out and I appreciate it, despite the pain it exposes all around. There are scores of other books that are tthe superior exhortations galye holiness th Erwin writes in plain prose and exhorts us back to the cross, although he is boring, redundant and trite. Was just trying to say that the jesus style gayle erwin experience with Gayle is that he has been trust worthy.

This never ceases to amaze and completely depress me. Gospel For Asia has been on my radar for over a decade…not because of financial irregularities but because of what appeared to be controlling and cult like practices at their Texas headquarters. Gayle has graciously provided this message and all of jess audio resources FREE of charge for you to listen to or download to your MP3 Player.

Israel Tour, which consists of 4 hours of Gayle teaching at various locations in Israel.