God agrees, but he finds that Homer tricked him by substituting Patty ‘s body which God initially mistakes for Selma’s for Marge’s. Email required Address never made public. He is horrified, and later goes up to God with her corpse to beg God to let him give up the job. During “Frinkenstein,” Homer wistfully muses about being Death again, referencing the first segment and implying they’re in the same continuity. Unfortunately the revived Frink Sr. The pizza guy delivering to Moe’s doesn’t seem to care that Moe was hanging from the ceiling. Treehouse of Horror Episode.

Later, Lisa makes light of the fact that Bart is much older, and asks to play with the watch. Homer gets Bart and Lisa rolled up in the rug and starts to “beat the lumps”. Meanwhile at the awards ceremony in Stockholm , Frink Sr. Bart starts choking Lisa, who breaks a pot on his head. Unfortunately, the watch breaks, trapping both kids in stopped time. It all just was kinda… there. This page was last edited on 29 June , at

I liked this one too. Ditto on how Frink simpsns his re-animated father. However, after Homer grabs the Reaper’s scythe and wears his robes, he is also forced to take his job of reaping souls.

What Homer goes through at Bart and Millhouse’s hands. Fingers have been shoved up noses, pants have been pulled down, and [gets put in a French Maid costume] mayors [American Colonial costume] have [Viking costume] been [horse costume] repeatedly [giant sandwich costume] humiliated.

I also like that Frink, Sr. An Arm and a Leg: Later, Lisa makes light of the fact that Bart is much older, and asks to play with the simpsons treehouse of horror xiv reaper madness watch.

People, Springfield is in crisis. After realizing all of the doughnuts in the break reaped keep disappearing before he gets a chance to eat them, Homer decides to stab himself in the stomach The mob chases the kid and beats him to a pulp.

Lisa has more than Bart, but that’s not enough- she steals one of his.

Lisa gets curious about what a different button on the watch doesand presses it. He misses being tteehouse regular kid, getting hugs from his mom who’s currently serving as the stand for a basketball hoop in the kitchen.

He tries to refuse, but the robe convinces him not to- via Groin Attack. The scene then cuts to two examples of a world without death: Nope, they won’t be doing that.

October 14th – “Treehouse of Horror XIV” (S15E01) | Treehouse of Horror Reviewed

Homer does, but puts on Death’s robe, inadvertently turning himself into the new Grim Reaper. On trash day, Marge tells Homer to take the dead Grim Reaper to the curb.

Marge thanks Homer by giving him extra pork chops. If they had kept improving the simpsons treehouse of horror xiv reaper madness this year, simpspns show could have been great again eventually. The “Scary Names” for the credits return after being absent for 2 Halloween specials. However, Lisa points out that Bart has become a 25 year old and has amassed vast riches and complains about not being able to mess around with time.

They almost get away with it, but they are outsmarted by Mayor Quimby. Contents [ show ].

Reaper Madness

A gun-wielding Marge intervenes and says that she does not approve of Homer’s parenting techniques. They get a book on watch repair, which says they can learn it in 8 1-hour lessons. The log instead lands in Grandpa Simpson’s lap, setting him on fire.

Unfortunately, the corpse of Frink Sr.

As Simpsoons is about to sentence Bart to an eternity of pain, Homer kills him by cracking his skull open with a bowling ball in revenge for killing Snowball I and President John F. Probably the most use anyone’s gotten out of them. During the opening segment, Homer takes a flaming log out of the fireplace and hurls it at the kids, only for it to land treegouse Grampa’s lap, engulfing him in fire.

However, Lisa points out the simpsons treehouse of horror xiv reaper madness Bart has become a grown man and has amassed vast riches. They almost get away with it, but they are outsmarted by Mayor Quimby who sprays ultraviolet powder on the ground tracking their footsteps.

The mayor takes the podium to discuss what’s been happening, while Bart and Milhouse prank him by putting him in weird costumes.