Georgia’s First City – Outside Chapter 1: Simply allow Kenny to keep hitting you without fighting back. You don’t HAVE to tell everyone – you can pick and choose who you tell – but I’ve written down a list of their reactions so you know what’s coming. If I haven’t put a question on here, it means that the response you choose really doesn’t make a difference. The group has literally a minute to escape before the walkers reach them. Kenny proposes that they jump over the lorry and enter through the back door, which is the method they’ve been using all week. She walks off with Duck in her arms. The Neighbors Chapter 4:

It’s still in use, but the owner isn’t about at the moment. Goodbye, She Quietly Says Chapter 2: If you fail to make a decision before the timer runs out, Lee will usually just answer with silence. You should have everything you need to proceed with the plans: All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. BEN – 18 years old. Even if you remain silent, Omid will eventually push you himself. If you say no, she’ll say that Lee can’t tell her what to do and won’t want to talk about it anymore.

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You can take one item only. A conversation about who is responsible for giving the food to bandits will develop in the RV. After killing the three bandits there will be the next cutscene. Unexpected Delay Chapter 7: If you are too slow or press the wrong button, you will fail the panic event and die. You’ll see a selection of tiny levers and switches.

Unlock the Seatbelt Buckleand then start slamming the Car Door. When you’re supposed to get her walkthorugh hand you the key so you can get in and save her, simply wait around until the walker reaches her.

There are some bandits behind the dumpsters. However, Katjaa and Duck are too slow and a zombie tackles them to the ground. Examine it and Clementine will suggest that she should look in. Open the Cab Door.

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If you didn’t epiosde anyone earlier, Kenny is shocked, and drad back into the RV. If you fail to fight off the zombie, you will end up with a generic Game Over cutscene they’re nothing worth dying foor and will have to start over from the beginning of the panic event.

Although she understands what happened to Duck, she has other things on her mind. Tell Kenny what you want. Ragged breathing can be heard, and Duck, now a Walker, stumbles towards Lee.

If you chose to threaten Ben, you won’t get the second dialogue option. Open in to find the bag of missing supplies! If you already have a different one, Lee will be put aside and take a new the walking dead episode 3 the long road ahead walkthrough ep.7.

Press the A button repeatedly, until the quicktime event ends. You will talk about Lilly about leaving her in the RV, on the road or that she took the RV and drove off. The tanker begins to fall, but it eventually gets out of Lee’s reach. Out of the Frying Pan Chapter 2: If you don’t kick the zombie in time, you’ll fail the panic event and die.

He takes it out and his smile becomes a sad frown: However, if you took Lilly with you, she will break free. Duck is Kenny and Katjaa’s wzlkthrough. The Stranger Chapter 7: Talk to Ben if you want, but he doesn’t have much to say. You can zoom in and olng by using an appropriate button.

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series — Season One – Walkthrough (Episode 3)

After getting a plan together, Clementine will ask a question. You can now take the MAP from the wall. Lee smiles, then sees a picture she’s drawn in her backpack. Suddenly, Duck starts coughing up blood. During the following panic event, you will not have enough time to get all of the supplies from the drugstore.

Find out in Episode 4: Speak to him and say whatever you like. Aim carefully and rozd the zombie to save them. Now you face the final difficult choice in the third episode. Two Enter, One Leaves. Whatever your plan, you’ll always get a dialogue option with Kenny afterwards.