It is learned that the names of the two mysterious strangers are Shin and Kibito. The Innards of Buu. Picking Up the Pieces. Goku faces off against Maraiko of the western quadrant and wins. While there, he meets Hercule’s daughter, Videl. Dragonball Z Episode 32 Touchdown on Namek. To embarrass him for this, Trunks decides to fight the rest of the way without using his left arm. Dragonball Z Episode 84 Approaching Destruction.

Pikkon takes off his weighted training clothes, and Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan. During the course of the day, he tries to hide his true strength, but he lets it slip a few times. Keep the Chance Alive. The tournament draws are out, and in the first round, Goku will be fighting Vegeta! Vegeta has a Ball. Dragonball Z Episode 55 Incredible Force!

Dragonball Z Episode Global Announcement. Shows App Login Sign up Contact. After Vegeta says that he, too, will enter, Goku suddenly speaks up and says that he will be allowed to come back for one day to compete. Dragonball Z Episode 52 Wacth Goku. To counter, Videl deals him a ferocious kick to the head. In the first match, Krillin easily defeats his incredibly large opponent.

Dragonball Z Episode 77 Trump Card. Upgrade to Super Saiyan. Dragonball Z Episode 10 Escape from Piccolo. Dragonball Z Episode Final Atonement. He uses Instant Transmission to appear right behind Pikkon and delivers a Kamehameha wave that gzther him out of the ring.

Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. Slump Arale Norimaki List of Dr. Battle in Kami’s Lookout.

The Dark Prince Returns. Best of the Boys.

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Dragonball Z Episode 61 Password is Porunga. Although the Z Fighters try to take it easy, their scores still far outstrip the rest of the competition.

Dragonball Z Episode Ready dragpn Fuse? Goten” “Boku no Deban da! The Past and Future. Dragonball Z Episode 99 Extreme Measures. Dragonball Z Episode Take flight Videl. He learns that Trunks and Vegeta have been training vigorously.

Dragonball Z Episode End of Earth. Rip in the Universe.


Big Trouble, Little Trunks. Vegeta has a Ball. It’s Goten’s turn now, and he happens to be fighting the brother of the kid that Trunks knocked out. Dragonball Z Episode Borrowed Powers.

The Fight is Over. So, they decide the final fifteen spots with a punching machine. Super Moves of Gotenks. He tells Goku that Shin is unimaginably strong. But when Pikkon decides to use it a third time, Goku finds a weakness. Just before the junior competition, a film is shown depicting Hercule’s “triumph” over Cell.

Dragonball Z Episode Seized with Fear.

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This page was last edited on 7 Aprilat What is the Tournament? Excited, Gohan flies off to tell Krillin the good news. Dragonball Z Episode Blackmail. She says that she will divulge his episdoe to the press unless he enters the World Martial Arts Tournament, and teaches her to fly.

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Dragonball Z Episode 56 Frieza Approaches. The Puzzle of General Tao. The Junior Champion Is Decided!! He and Goten begin training.

Gohan, as Saiyaman, yournament to take him back to his parents before they go on a rampage in the city, but is stopped by Videl, who thinks he’s stealing the baby dinosaur.

The match between Goten and Trunks wtch to heat up. Since they seem evenly matched, Pikkon reveals his greatest technique: Goten quickly manages to manipulate his ki and fly, but Videl has difficulties. Dragonball Z Episode 66 D?