Later, the Browns hold their first church service since moving in and Robyn reveals some shocking secret from her past. Which mom is the strictest? Meanwhile, Aspyn and Mariah discuss college plans. How will they feel about being back and will they have any resentment or regrets since leaving? But when is a marriage ever simple? Later, after revealing the sex of the baby, Robyn and Kody finally decide to announce the name. And these are polygamists, so do the other wives come? Brooke goes into labor three weeks early.

They have a meeting with a potential investor for their jewelry line. Meanwhile, Janelle is still determined to open a gym, but will Kody support her plan? Mars gives Doug an ultimatum. Brooke gets a tryout with her old wrestling bosses. And we finally learn more about Kody’s family history. HD The Amazing Race. We also learn this extraordinary family is on the verge of another huge change that could transform the family’s dynamic forever. Can Kody get to the root of the problem?

She reveals the things she never wanted to talk about at all ssiter what she was really thinking during the most memorable moments of the past five years. Meanwhile, Kody adds more stress by challenging his wives to a contest and Robyn has a special gift for Kody. She talks about her feelings at gaining a new Sister and where she’s at in her struggle to lose weight.

Kristina considers putting Lincoln in daycare to prioritize wuves business. Lastly, Meri drops a bombshell that threatens her close relationship with one sister wife.

They watch sister wives tragedy in the family online free a meeting with a potential investor for their jewelry line. And later, a decision will be revealed that will affect the families lives once again.

Unprepared Mars and Doug struggle with their new roles. Nothing like this has ever happened before in the Brown family. Only one thing stands in their way now Chaos erupts when Ashley takes on a quad photo shoot without Tyson. But when the media gets hold of the news, plans turn into panic. Kody legally marries Robyn. HD Beat Bobby Flay.

Season 12 Tell All: Part 1

Meanwhile back home, the wives express their true feelings about their new possible sister wife as they make preparations for Christine’s new baby. Meanwhile, the older teens tag along to visit some of Boston’s best colleges. They check in on Christine’s mother who has plans of moving to Vegas.

Then, the Browns are off for some camping fun, but the teens have different ideas. Season 1 – Sister Wives.

And Janelle continues her weight loss journey. Later, the Browns meet another polygamist family, the Colliers and discuss the idea of the Colliers courting another wife. Sign in to Watch. But not everyone is happy about it. Which mom is the strictest? But the three-day road trip turns into much more than watch sister wives tragedy in the family online free bargained for as tempers start to flair and relationships get tested. After a meditation session that barely eases the emotional stress, Browns finally make a discovery on the root cause of their internal conflicts.

Krystal has second thoughts about Jarrel bringing their baby to meet his friends. Sistet year, Kody takes his young daughters to a daddy-daughter Valentine’s dance at their school.

How will Kody handle having his mother-in-law around all the time?

And Robyn asks Meri about her surrogacy offer. The Browns invite viewers into their watdh to answer more in depth questions about their plural marriage lifestyle.

But when is a marriage ever simple? Kristina must choose between work and family. Despite some protest, the Browns begin to pack.

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HD Music City Fix. Meanwhile, the older teens discontent over their new life starts to bubble to the surface. Finally, this is the court hearing where Kody will learn if he can adopt Robyn’s oldest three kids. Mars turns the tables on Doug and gets the attention of another man. Ripples of shock spread through the family as each wife learns what Meri is doing.