Buffy tries to protect Sunnydale residents from the beast’s savagery, and protect the savage beast from a bounty hunter who doesn’t care that his target is human 28 days out of United States portal Television portal Fictional characters portal. Series creator Joss Whedon served as executive producer and showrunner. You must log in or register to reply here. Angel agrees to join her, only for the fight to be interrupted when Spike appears claiming to have the answer to the current crisis. Air Date Rating Ranking May 19, However, Spike’s victory and subsequent role as a champion was later revealed to be part of Lindsey McDonald’s plans to undermine Angel’s confidence and new position, allowing Angel to regain his focus and faith in himself after a final meeting with Cordelia.

Ballet in particular has had this effect on him, as he was moved to tears by a performance of Giselle which he attended in Spike, back in his wheelchair, discovers a frustrated Angelus on the verge of killing Giles, who has withstood extensive torture without revealing his knowledge of the ritual. Faith proclaimed Drusilla to be a mess, and although Angel openly agreed with her, he made the closing statement: Jenny makes progress rediscovering the gypsy Ritual of Restoration and, with Buffy’s terse blessing, gets back together with Giles. Cordelia and Angel discussed how skewed he got from his path and how lost he was without her, Cordelia was shocked to learn that he and the others had taken over “Evil Incorporated. Faith also returns, now working for Zane Pharmaceuticals.

While Liam is a human and Angelus is a vampire, Angel seaosn something else: Both Joss Whedon and Bruce Seth Green directed the highest amount of episodes in the second season, directing five episodes each. They stated that, while he could have worked simply as a brooding love-interest Buffy or redemption-seeking hero Angelthe character also has a “wonderfully appealing, self-effacing humour, helped no end by Boreanaz’s ability to look like a slapped puppy”.

Giles is still missing, kidnapped by Dru and Angelus. Why does buffy kill angel in season 2 Calendar turns out to be a Gypsy spy.

Xander prefers to see Angelus killed, rather than risk leaving him alive merely so that Buffy can have a chance to get her boyfriend back. The portals killed them not swords. A sword can’t kill him, unless they cut his head off.

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He also why does buffy kill angel in season 2 a high pain tolerance, able to withstand prolonged periods of torture without succumbing. It was the first full season of the show, containing 22 episodes. Buffy returns to the town, after leaving her friends bored in Sunnydale to spend the summer with her dad in L. She wakes up, but the first person she asks for is Oz.

Nash is killed, and Angel is able to persuade Whistler to see the error of his ways, successfully limiting to the extent of the plague to an area of Hackney in London. Meanwhile, hotel staff bjffy residents, including Judy, continued to become warped and Angeel decided to help.

Buffy finds Whistler in Giles’ apartment and they discuss Angel’s reversion to Angelus. As a result of this, Connor’s memories were returned to him and he remembered that Kipl was his father.

Halfway through the season, Buffy loses her virginity to Angel. Angel managed to reason with him, causing Whistler to give up his life by sacrificing himself.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 2)

After Buffy and Angel escape from his attack, the two finally consummate their relationship which brings Angel “a moment of perfect happiness” and ends up costing him his soul.

Season 2 “. He was also an expert in torture as both Angel and Angelus.

I have at many points in my life seen television shows that depressed me and caused me to experience a good number of emotions. Angelus attended a production of Giselle by the Bufvy, a Russian ballet troupe run by Count Kurskov. Angel was a highly skilled combatant and generally fought unarmed, using circular attacks such as spinning kicks and back hands.

Becoming, Part Two

However, despite her misgivings, Why does buffy kill angel in season 2 decided to help Angel with his plans because she herself needed him, stating that she needed Connor to bring magic back to Earth; in order to regain her magic, she needed to travel to another dimension where magic still existed and ‘soak up’ the energy from there, but the only dimension that could still be accessed from this world was Quor’toth as there were never why does buffy kill angel in season 2 portals to Quor’toth in the first place.

People who have annoyed him most include Spike, Xander and Harmony. Angelus is several times referred to as perhaps the most evil and brutal vampire in existence, even surpassing his comrades in The Whirlwindmurdering more people in his first hundred years of activity then any of them in their entire lives.

I can truly say that at this very moment I am heartbroken for Buffy. Drusilla uses her psychic powers to trick Giles into giving Angelus this information after Angelus sadistically tortured the watcher. For example, when being taunted by the First Evil[12] Angel cries out, “It wasn’t me! While there, he followed the scent of blood to a seniors’ home, where he came across a deranged young man slaughtering the residents.

Together, they went to the funeral home where Giles’ body had been brought to piece together that had happened to it.

Buffy is nearly arrested, but Spike attacks the policeman and offers a temporary alliance. At Alasdair’s, Why does buffy kill angel in season 2 and Faith regrouped their forces. Instead of destroying Thesulac, as it was in his power to do, even when the demon gave him the opportunity, seazon personally gave the vicious demon free reign to prey upon and ravage the inhabitants of the hotel unhindered.

After he heard about a little girl who was buffj host to a demon, he suddenly recuperated, donning his redemptive mindset once more. Spike, back in his wheelchair, discovers a frustrated Angelus on the verge of killing Giles, who has withstood extensive torture without revealing his knowledge of the ritual.